across the land & the sea

I have found my way to Italy, to a small town called Guardia Sanframondi, about  1 1/2 hours from Naples. For the month of July I am part of an artist residency - Terra Vivente - where I am photographing, writing, playing with broken glass, and moving a paintbrush across paper. During this time of exploration and creation there is a two-weekend art event called Ri-Creare, in the Centro Storico, the historic part of town that is undergoing enormous rejuvenation. I am fortunate to be participating in Ri-Creare and am exhibiting large prints in one of the art spaces.

one of the Ri-Creare exhibit spaces

While my pieces are in English, many English speakers are enjoying Ri-Creare, and they digest my words and translate for their non-English speaking friends.

I have placed 4x6" cards along the pathways to the assorted exhibition spaces. Today, after 3 days of festivities, I wandered the streets and only found 1 card remaining in place, which hopefully means that the 'missing' cards have found their way into homes. 


The events around Ri-Creare spark the town to life and create wonderful gatherings making new friends of strangers.

With weekend one behind us, I look forward to weekend two, and may even attempt to craft translations to post beneath my large pieces. If you are in Guardia please come find me at Ri-Creare and say hello.