New Territory

As much as I imagined sharing postcards during my trip to Japan, it did not happen. There was something about the cultural differences and the language barrier and the pace of my wanderings that didn't leave me sufficiently open to dipping into that terrain. I won't say never to Japan. I will say, 'not this trip.'

Now back in Los Angeles for a few days and slowly reorienting to driving and understanding conversations that swirl around me (bombardment, I say, bombardment), I wanted to reignite the project. 

Enter, Culver City. The largely redeveloped city has a vibrant downtown area which encourages walking. Restaurant next to restaurant next to restaurant.

The serendipity of the strolling hug, given the card posted, made me smile.

Shouts and Whispers (Washington Blvd between Native Foods and Kay & Dave's)

Vibrant colors and a breeze...

Break Out (Washington Blvd.)

I was happy to come across an active Farmers Market with plenty of foot traffic. These guys gave me a look and made me wonder if they would swivel about as they passed to see what I was up to.

We Don't Collide (Main St., Culver City)

Pathways (Washington Blvd.)

Rising (Washington Blvd.)

Sensation (near La Cienega on Washington Blvd.)

If you wander out to visit the cards in person, please leave a comment or drop me a note to let me know. (clicking on the photos will enlarge them for viewing)