in the hands of others

Part of what appeals to me in my postcard project is the idea of enlisting others to help spread the cards. So imagine how pleased I was when a fellow photographer from another part of the country (Minnesota), took on the challenge. 

library announcement wall

In the (generous) words of my new friend, Ellie Kingsbury, "I had the great fortune of meeting Debbie at a photo workshop last year. I instantly loved the idea of her postcards, and when I had the chance to see her again last month I asked if I could take a few to post in my own city. My appreciation for the combination of text and imagery deepened as I contemplated where to post them. It's a challenge writing something of substance with the brevity that this project requires, and Debbie does a great job with it. I can also just imagine how many images she goes through before she finds just the right one to complement her prose."

secluded walkway between two lakes

secluded walkway between two lakes

"It's a brave thing indeed to challenge a culture that demands speed by saying, 'No, I want you to stop and look and read and appreciate.'

"I also admire the guerrilla tactics of display.  It reminds me of an ad exec's interview that I read some years ago. He lamented that any message coming from his agency costs millions to post, but any kid on the street could tag for free. We can't deny art in its simplest form is of the people for the people."  




next to Lake Calhoun, which is in the middle of the city, where there is a junction of bikers, pedestrians, and an outdoor eatery.

a bridge going over the Mississippi

"I Hold This Moment also serves as an encouragement for us all to realize our own forms of self-expression. One location where I know people share this ardor is a bridge over the Mississippi that connects Minneapolis and St. Paul. A group of mostly elderly people have walked that bridge every Wednesday afternoon rush hour for over ten years to protest U.S. involvement in the violence in the Middle East. Though I had a blast riding my bike around town finding great places to post, I was most excited thinking of the viewership here."   

'Take Note'

pedestrian bridge over Interstate 35W

between the new Guthrie Theatre and a very old flour mill which exploded in the 1980's and whose shell is now the location of a farmer's market on Saturdays. Tyrone Guthrie glances to a nearby postcard.

neighborhood park

downtown St. Paul

"I had so much fun doing this. I felt a little like a tourist and a little like a scavenger hunt messenger.  These past couple of weeks have been gorgeous and I felt really thankful I had a reason to bike around and blow off an afternoon."

Well, I want to thank Ellie. She put in a lot time spreading my project and has also been a source of great encouragement. And I welcome any others who would like to post in their town or in their travels. (Another friend is well underway on the East Coast, posting and documenting.)


Now I want to encourage you to put your eyeballs on Ellie's fantastic work by visiting her website:

And as always, I welcome your thoughts.

park bench beside a well-used running path