home turf

I’ve been back in Los Angeles for three weeks now, and as always for me, returning home is a challenge, a transition. I’ve been determined to stay in creative motion, printing new cards and getting them out into the world. I hop into my car without a plan other than to go and go.

On impulse, I stop. I dot Santa Monica in areas of heavy foot traffic. I wander into a park. I stop to buy some food and see a pole beckon.

Days later I head to downtown Los Angeles. I will attend a gallery opening where I have pieces on exhibit, but first I wander the streets and have some conversations.

The opening occurs on Art Walk night for downtown LA. The streets flood with people. It’s nice. It’s a walking celebration. I lob cards into the streets. And I wait. That is the thing with a project like this. Unless you stalk your posts, you don’t know which get seen, which get studied. You don’t know if they blend into the landscape or call attention to themselves. It’s a leap. Always a leap.

 Evening arrives, and I head to the gallery opening. I’ve been wanting to see my images printed super size, and the results please me. At the same time, the experience encourages me to rethink some designs.

In keeping with my goal to stay in creative motion, I complete a trial design of a book of words & images. It’s been a more than a year since I’ve been doing this work, and in looking back on some earlier cards the editor in me raises her hand. I chop some words, shorten some phrases, rethink some endings, some beginnings. I think that my mind and eye is growing sharper.

The book arrives. I’m happy with the results. And I look towards the next phase.