before & after...

I envisioned it like a totem pole, images stacked vertically, a way to gather attention where the singular card may not succeed. 

Rose Ave., Venice, CA ...near the Rose Cafe

I have not been sending cards out into the wild lately. Maybe it was that I was devoting all my energy to other projects, prepping a photography exhibit of shelter animals, photo jobs here and there, thinking. Lots of thinking.

Is that not what all creatives do? Swim in pools of thought? Sometimes drown there. (not that others do not swim in pools of thought, of course.)

Amidst creative confusion at home and a hunger pang that could be satisfied via foot, I set out. I see a welcoming tree. Prime locale. Lots of foot traffic. 

Within moments they are up. A bit of an assortment. Lots of words. Sparse words.


The next day I grow curious. It often is not so effortless to return to a posting site. Out my door, down the block. Turn. Turn. Walk. Walk. Will anyone have pulled off a tear tab with my website URL? I wonder.

the remains

Yes, I am pleased to see all cards have been snatched. Push pins still in place means they have not been victims of wind. This is deliberate. This indicates interest, appreciation. Two URL tags have been torn away as well. Curiosity.

And this encourages me. If by chance you reading this are the one who gave the cards a home, please leave a comment or send a note. I am always interested in the story of the encounter.